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Emaar instigating their new villa development in Dubai Arabian Ranches

Emaar Properties recently said in a statement that they all are set for the launch of their new residential villa development in Arabian Ranches.

Dubai Arabian Ranches

The property developer mentioned that this new development Samara was launched due to high investor demand for villas in Arabian Ranches.

New Villa in Dubai

Property Developer further stated that they will concurrently instigated Samara in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Emaar said in a statement that Samara is enthused by Spanish coastal architecture, Samara comprise of 177 three to five bedroom villas provided in four themes.

Residents have an added advantage of facilities such as devoted healthcare centre, beverage outlets, eatery facility, huge retail centre, salon, schools and day care in close proximity.

Managing Director of Ahmad Al Matrooshi said their new development offers families with an impressive variety of villas that will get convened of the lifestyle requirement.

The release of Samara emphasis on the rising demand for family based communities in Dubai.

Chief commercial officer of Emaar Properties Arif Amiri added that every residential community in Arabian Ranches has witnessed high investor demand.

Through Samara we are providing one more chance to be part of one of Emaar’s fully-developed communities with Residence club, polo club, a golf course.

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Dubai is not a plastic city

Have you heard a numerous times about Dubai not being or lacking culture, or even calling It a plastic city well this is a familiar story to all of us but that not what actually Dubai is all about.

The number of times that we could hear it with or statement with variation is limitless. The truth about Dubai is- it is actually having abundance of Culture, Dubai is not actually always what people might be anticipating for but definitely it rich in its own culture.

Dubai is not a plastic city

Dubai is known to have a young history compared to other cosmopolitan cities and when Dubai cultural is to be defined then Dubai is known to have the most unique culture of its own. So what actually is a Culture? It is simply the demonstration of intellectual attainment such as customs, ideas and social behaviours.

In a matter of 50 years, Dubai had developed from a mere desert land to a tourism and business destination. The enormous growth and numerous sprouting infrastructures and intense development is incomparable by any other city in the planet and  sketching its name firmly on the worldwide map by persistent following of exclusive visions and  attaining greater pinnacles.

Dubai rapid speed in developments and daring courage is seen in the everyday way of life.

Dubai is the city of happenings, happening that are too tricky to assume. Numerous new instigations and initiatives are under taken by private organisations and government on a frequent basis to further enhance the way of living and mounting the art scene in Dubai

Devoid of government initiatives, affluent individuals, prosperous companies and well of banks promoting numerous developments, there would not have been an international artistic legacy that we have a high regard for today. A comparable event that is taking place in Dubai is the inaugural Dubai Art Season, The city’s umbrella arts programme instigated by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

Numerous creative events and activities were filled in from March 14th to April 15, highlighting the eminence as the global inspired nucleus.  There were also premier art events comprising art week, the comic con, Middle East Film and Gulf Film Festival.  There are also numerous flagship events, design Days Dubai, SIKKA Art Fair and Art Dubai, along with numerous planning, performances, workshops and outdoor art design and exhibitions are also held.

Dubai is a city indulging itself in its unique culture and going beyond boundaries, discovering new talent and evaluating the limit of human’s creativity and cleverness. So if anyone decides to take a break and look around Dubai Cultural happening, you will be awestruck to find diverse and various cultural events and interactions taking place. There is more to Dubai than how it is evaluated by many eyes or the credit it gets.

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Bolloywood star anticipates in buying $19m Dubai Island

Bollywood star plans to purchase the man made island and this will be utilised as a private resort.
This property has allured a lot prospective investors from Iran, Pakistan and Russia.

The Bollywood star also said that there was been on conversation with another Bollywood film star who wanted to buy it for private use.

As stated by Bollywood film star this can be for private or resort use, and want to own it independently.

During the property downturn in Dubai almost half of the properties was stalled and also the prices dropped by up to 60 percent. The World consists of 300 artificial Islands and its construction began in 2003 and completed in 2008.

Bolloywood star anticipates in buying $19m Dubai Island.

Nakheel as stated last year said that there would be preparing to build a new road which will be a link to the mainland to the islands, this is about 4 km off Jumeirah Beach,   on the other side the Kleindienst Group began construction on the amidst of Europe, this was after agreeing with decision with Nakheel subsidiary The world LLC for AED622m last year.

Agents selling the island said that their selling were between 150,000-180,000sqm and all of them has development approval for residential villas and hotel resorts.

As stated by real estate agent the market is on demand and the world might seems to be in crisis but Dubai on flourishing, this period is very prospective due to Expo 2020 and there is lot of investor and this development is one of kind.

Another island lately advertised for sale was for 393,739 sq. ft island is situated in the Asia area is presently advertised with value of AED110m, the investors will be required to make a down payment along with a AED80m to Nakheel.

As per the advertisement by a real estate, this project has the development permitted for 10,000 sqm hotel comprising restaurant, spa, shopping mall, night club and 42 rooms.

An individual residential complex of 37,000 sqm featuring villas and apartments is also permitted.

Another 152,000 Pearl Island is also advertised on property portals for AED12.61m.

Permitted for mixed use development of G+3 floors, buyers can construct apartments, resort, villas, restaurant and hotel as stated by a real estate agent this was the only island with permission of 17 plots around 1900 sqm.

The real estate agent says that there was immense interest from Pakistan and India and also from local investors.

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Dubai aims to become world’s most visited city

New focus of Tourism authority on Sunday declared their new focus to make Emirate the most visited city in the globe.

One year into the provision of Dubai’s Tourism Vision for 2020. The tourism chiefs have set new goals and the initial steps have been taken to attain the target of enticing around 20 million visitors by 2020.

Dubai aims to become world's most visited city

The Director General of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) – Helal Saeed Almarri said that the growth rate that was attained in 2013 must be followed and preserved a 10.6 percent year on year rise corresponds to 110 million hotel quests- Dubai will be giving a tough competition to London and surpass London, which presently allures 16 million tourist yearly.

He added Last year at ATM the Tourism vision for 2020 is already announced last year by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum .  The first part of the second international airport has launched at the Dubai World Central and a significant number of hotel, events and attractions were also released these progresses were mostly declared.

He further said that the visa regulation on European Unions member states being withdrawn, key legislative alterations has been made which is going to definitely influence the tourism sector positively and also empower further to entice more leisure travellers and business.

He states that the Tourism Vision for 2020 is a structure which provides us all a in the tourism sector a perfect and clear idea. Dubai is already a must visit place, an insistent focus to revolutionise will further enable to a persistent revival of visitor experience, developing one that is matchless anywhere in the globe.

He says that the cooperative commitment in the industry is what makes them self-assured that they will be able to attain the goal of enticing almost 20 million annual visitors by 2020, and motivates into the determination to ultimately develop into the worlds most visited city.

The features that are actually helps us drive further into the goal is the ever ending remarkable developments with more fascination spots,  eminent yet luxury hotels, events, world’s leading infrastructure and facilities and an ultimate holiday experience which will offer a beyond expectations. Both frequent tourist and new tourist are going to distinctive experience every time.

CEO of the newly formed Dubai Corporation of Tourism and Commerce and Marketing,- Issam Kazim said that due to the spectacular and one of a kind developments Dubai becomes the must see city.  It is a must see and must experience city.  The incredible dimensions of experiences that will be offered and will be something beyond to expect.

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Dubai’s Emaar declared its new property development 480 new townhouses for Mira Oasis

Emaar Properties recently instigated their newest segment of its Mira Oasis development in Reem – revealing 480 new townhouses.

The earlier instigated properties of Mira Oasis residence witnessed huge investor demand. The remarkable development will have three and four bedroom townhouses which will integrate contemporary styles.


As stated by developer this development will offer spacious

balconies, contemporary fittings and fixtures, landscaped lush gardens and courtyards and drive ways.

The inhabitants are going to have entry to numeral entertainment activities in Reem, namely the leisure facilities will consist of Skate Park, cricket pitch, football field, Dune Park for surfing, camping, rock climbing camel riding and dune bugging. Most of them are going to suit well with the taste of adventure and enthusiastic people.

Emaar further said the centre of attraction of their new development is the central park with walkways, fascinating water feature and interactive fountains. In addition to all the above mentioned features Reems posses a huge botanical Park with further enhances the appeal b showcasing the regions variety of flora.

The demand for residences persistently rising simultaneously the Dubai economy is growth steadfast. This is reflected in the notable investor interest we had confirmation for our previous instigation of Mira Oasis townhouses.

Reem offers numerous facilities for living life to the fullest and there this development is an enticement for customers willing to make an investment.

Mira Oasis situated close to Arabian Ranches will have amenities such as retail plaza, mosque, bicycle pathways and walkways.

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Nakheel Discloses their Preparations for two more malls in Dubai

Nakheel has got preparations for two new shopping malls which will be spread across an area of 1.5 million Sq.ft retail area in Dubai.

The Dubai developer disclosed few plans of their new development in which the mall in Jumeirah Village Circle on a covered area of 500,000 Sq.ft and regional shopping mall on an area of 1 million sq ft.

Nakheel discloses their preparations for two more malls in Dubai.

Nakheel discloses their preparations for two more malls in Dubai.

The regional mall will comprise of entertainment area, 80,000 sq ft hypermarket, 15 screen cinema, restaurants, department stores, 15 screen cinemas and selection of retailers and cafes.

The mall will serve up its surrounding Nakheel communities Jumeirah Park, Al Furjan, Jumeirah Village, Al Barhsa and areas close by

Nakheel further added that their second shopping mall which is situated in Jumeriah Village Circle will consist of retails, cafes and restaurants cinemas and supermarket.

Jumeriah village will be capable of accommodating around 300,000 people once the development is completed.

Retail development is key to our business scheme and implementing novel services and conveniences to our district is one of our top main concerns. New shopping malls will additionally boost new Dubai and offer thrilling new exciting place for Dubai’s residents and tourist.

Designers are going to be in charge of these new malls in a short time, there are numerous Nakheel retail developments which are on their way.

The developer is building Nakheel mall as well and will be located at Palm Jumeirah, Deira islands will also be catered with a Mall extensions to Dragon Mart and Ibn Battuta and a numerous of region shopping centres in its communities.

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Dubai real estate transactions total $16.6bn in Q1

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has revealed their new real estate dealings has been witnessed in the emirates throughout the first few months of this year, and these transactions exceeded AED61 billion ($16.6 billion), During the Q1 of 2013 transactions was around 38 percent.

Dubai real estate transactions total $16.6bn in Q1

Dubai real estate transactions total $16.6bn in Q1

As reported by DLD that total real estate deals rounded up to 15,694 within the first three months of this year, after March 2014 there was an increase of activity of 11 percent.

The statistics revealed that there were almost 11,567 activities which had the value of talk of AED31.5 billion and 3,482 mortgage transactions, which again has a value of AED 28 billion.

Director of DLD Sultan Butti Bin Merjen stated that as an end result in the beginning of 2014 is a sign of improved investor self assurance in Dubai and particularly in the city’s real estate sector, and this is measured as the essential element of the national economy.

He further stated that they are looking forward for the next four quarters to be as likely as the Q1 2014, particularly during the interlude of the numerous inspiring economic projects in Dubai in addition to the discovery of few measures and planning as for Dubai’s hosting Expo 2020.

Land transactions and its sales and mortgages held for the lion’s share of a sum of figure in Q1, where the land mortgage was of worth at AED24.1 billion and sales in relation to land was about AED 17. 4 billion.

Residential units and their mortgage and sales crossed up to a value of AED13 billion and AED 3.1 billion respectively.

The statistics assures increased deals in the real estate sector over the past few months; this is a direct proof and assurance that Dubai is the most alluring investment spot and ownership, weather for a longer period of investment or for short tern requirements.

Bin Mejren further added they they regard as probable in strengthening the activity to persist in over the upcoming years, and also there would be investors  attaining good returns on their invest in real estate.

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