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Available Prime commercial space in ‎RAYAMALL‬ DIP – ‎Dubai‬ ‪Investment Park‬

Al Raya mall is prime commercial mall located in the heart of DIP, it offers small and big commercial units for various business requirements, almost ready to move in.

Dubai Investment Park:
Dubai Investment Park is a blend of diverse development in Dubai, UAE. It is one of the reasonable cost regions in the latter. It has high profile and has complete environment friendly development.

It has been intended and ordained as a self-contained assorted use industrial, commercial and residential complex with varied land purpose and superior features. A judicious business region that is covered over about 2300 hectares and provides enormous choice of eminence service to the investors. It also has an extensive assortment of aspire such as contemporary, workplace, home, research, distribution, logistic and academic function in addition to finest infrastructure and outstanding services and facilities

Property Types Available:
1. Showrooms
2. Shops
3. Supermarkets
4. Medical Center’s
5. Restaurants

Al Raya mall is prime commercial mall located in the heart of DIP, it offers small and big commercial units for various business requirements, almost ready to move in Dubai Investment Park

Dubai Investment Park has been separated into three district regions. Each of them has set a standard for high distinct developments. It has redefined the idea of living and working at the same region and making it exclusive of developments in Dubai.

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Dubai Investments Chief anticipates UAE Real Estate development until 2018

Boss of Dubai investments, who is a diversified manufacturer and shareholder in property, he considers Use real estate market to progressing consistently growth to for the next four years.

Dubai Investments chief expects UAE real estate growth until 2018

Dubai Investments chief expects UAE real estate growth until 2018

Managing director and CEO of the investment firm Khalid Bin Kalban, the property assets owned by Khalid exceeds AED 8 billion ($2.17 billion) he stated that the advancement and development in Use real Estate has just embarked on. Usually a real estate is a five year old cycle and at the beginning of the first year of the cycle

So there is four more years of growth left for the real estate. All signs of this progress show that this growth is sustainable.  Usually, this provides a immense prospect.  Dubai investments also reveal that the construction and similar segments will improve even more for advancement to make use of the current real estate progress over UAE and GCC.

He further mentioned that 18 manufacturing establishments will be fixed to produce the raw building material required for construction of properties; these companied are further energised to meet the increasing demand.

With an approximate of AED of 660 billion developments are under construction in the GCC, DI, the Glass LLC, Emirates Building Systems, Emirates Extrusion factory, International Rubber company have raised their production levels to convene the growing demand.

Glass LLC  puts in around AED 800 million every year to the groups revenue, also have declared a significant upgrade in its production services, this is done so as to meet the demand of glass, and the demand is further going to rise more up to 40% in 2014. Saudi American glass declared that they would further increase their glass production around 50 percent.

Emirates Extrusion also revealed about their increase in production to keep up with the increase in demand, they are annually going to produce 6000 metric tonnes through new production system of Aluminium extrusion plant in techno Park.

Around 67 percent of DI possessions are depended on Real Estate and the current value of it is around AED 8.38 billion. It also posses the largest bank in the UAE which sums up to an almost 30 million square feet.

UAE , banks in Jumeirah Village Circle, Midriff and Meydan along with other developments in Sharjah and Fujairah.

Dubai Financial Market has listed Dubai Investments and they have a paid up assets of AED 3.5 billion.

Dubai investment stated recently that have preparations to add up or rise their foreign owner ship shares to 35 percent of its entire capital.  As mentioned by Dubai Investment the firm shareholder along with Sovereign fund investment Corp. of Dubai which posses around 11.5 stake, will vote is the scheme at a meeting in April 2014.

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